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Online Food Order System

In today's age of fast food and take-out, many restaurants have chosen to focus on quick preparation and speedy delivery of orders rather than offering a rich dining experience. Until very recently, all of these delivery orders were placed over the phone, but there are many disadvantages to this system, including the inconvenience of the customer needing to have a physical copy of the menu, lack of a visual confirmation that the order was placed correctly, and the necessity for the restaurant to have an employee answering the phone and taking orders.

The Food Ordering System

Users of the web ordering system, namely restaurant customers, must be provided the following functionality:

1. Create an account.

2. Manage their account.

3. Log in to the system.

4. Navigate the restaurant’s menu.

5. Select an item from the menu.

6. Customize options for a selected item.

7. Add an item to their current order.

8. Review their current order.

9. Remove an item/remove all items from their current order.

10. Provide delivery and payment details.

11. Place an order.

12. Receive confirmation in the form of an order number.

The goal of the system is to make the process of placing an order as simple as possible for the customer, the functionality provided through the web ordering system is restricted to that which most pertinent to accomplish the desired task. All of the functions outlined above, with the exceptions of account creation and management, will be used every time a customer places an order. By not including extraneous functions, I am moving towards my goal of simplifying the ordering process.