AS Softech is web design, web development, software development company in kalyani, kolkata, india. Provide any web based solutions like mlm binary software, gst billing software, school management software, college management software, accounts management software, student fees collection software, inventory management software, hotel management software, classifieds website, online shopping portal, online exam portal, online result system, tours & travel website, education centre website. For any enquiry call us +91 9051057054.

Gram Panchayat Website

Software Development and IT Consulting

AS Softech Software company is a kalyani, Kolkata, India based Software development and IT consulting company offering customized solutions to help businesses around the world to streamline their business process, improve efficiency and bottom line. Our solution centric approach helps our customers gain competitive edge over their peers.

Software Development

Production Planning
Quality Control

Mobile App Development

Interactive Applications
Integration with Backend Databases
GPS/ Geo location aware Apps
Porting Application across platforms
In-App purchase and payments

Web Development

Content Management Systems
Business website/portals
Community Portals
E-commerce and Shopping Carts


Web Design & Development Process

5 crucial steps that our web design Kolkata team take to creat a unique and interactive website layout.

Client's Need

We first listen to your ideas, understand your business goal, the audiences you want to target and your future plan. We try to understand your like and dislike forthe design.

Research & Sketch

Instand of derectly jumping to work on photoshop, we creat a sketch to get anidea of how the templete wouls look. Our team leaves no stone unturned to research.

Web Design

They are the blueprint for your site to provide visual structure. All elements areagatherd to know wheather they are interective with each other and bestfor your business.

Style Guide

The style guide is all about deciding the fonts, colours and interface elements. It is the process to make the site visually appealing.


Porotype stands for designing the model before building the actual.It goes foe approvel and then the development starts.