2) Now Balagarh Bijoy Krishna Mahavidyalaya Is Authorized Study Center Of NETAJI SUBHAS OPEN UNIVERSITY

3) NCC : ( 43 Bengal Battalion ) From 2nd February, 1996 with a total of 125 student cadets Senior Division NCC was formed in the College. From the year 2004, 33 Girl Cadet Post was established out of 125 Cadet Posts. As a result, the girls of the college also got a fair chance to join the NCC. Every year a total of 8 Camps (C.A., T.C./ S.C included) are organized at Panagarh, Burdwan. Every year on an average at any State of India a total of 2 NCC Camps are organized. Every year in any State of India one Army Attachment Camp is organized. In the last 10 years a total of 17 students of this college got recruited in either of the following: B.S.F, Indo Tibetan Border Police, Indian Army, and West Bengal Police. In the year 1998 two Cadets from this college participated on behalf of the State in the Republic Day Parade in New Delhi. In the year 2001 & 2007 respectively two Cadets participated from this college and made it proud. Every year on an average 70% - 80% Cadets pass the Cadet B. Certificate, Cadet C. Certificate. The students of this college are very much successful in managing their studies as well as the co-curricular activities such as NCC. In the education year of 2007-08, a NCC Cadet from this college named Toibanaz Faruki joined the CISF as a Women Constable. Presently she is deployed as a Women Security Personnel at Bhilai Iron & Steel Plant. An NCC Cadet from this college named Subhendu Ghosh joined the Indian Army in March, 2007. In the education year of 2007-08, NCC Cadet from this college named Subhodip Ghosh won the XVII All India G.V. Mavalankar Shooting Championship as the Best Rifle Shooter and as a reward got a Cash Prize of Rs. 5000/-. In the year of 2006 Subhodip Ghosh joined the Bengal Armed Police. Sudhansu Ghosh, Sandwip Kumar Mondal & Satadal Mukherjee all NCC Cadets from this college joined the Bengal Armed Police in the year of 2009. In the year of 2008, 40 out of 46 Cadets successfully passed out the NCC ‘B’ Certificate Examination and 5 out of 9 Cadets successfully passed out the NCC ‘C’ Certificate Examination. Lieutenant Professor is the Officer – in – Charge of the entire NCC Department in the College from the very beginning.

4) National Service Scheme The National Service Scheme Unit of this college was formed and it started working from the education year of 1990-91 after getting affiliated from Burdwan University National Service Scheme. Later in the education year of 2001-02 this college started working for the formation of a second Unit. From the very beginning after the first Unit was formed, the students working in these Units have self-dedicated themselves in performing different social services wherever required thus increasing the prestige of this college and themselves too. The college campus stays clean & tidy due to the activeness of these students. They also take care of the greenery in the college campus. The eyes of these students stay open not only for the college campus but also they stay open for the neighbourhood which lies outside the college campus. They take part in various activities like a forestation programs, blood donation camps, AIDS awareness programs, increasing the social awareness among the villagers to send their children’s to school, repairing roads and other activities. Through these activities the students gets a firsthand knowledge of their moral responsibility towards the society and also the relation between the college and the neighbouring villagers stays smooth. This is the reason why National Service Scheme is extremely important for both the students and the educational institutions.

5) Co-Curricular Activities Co-curricular activities are extremely necessary for the physical development as well as the mental development of a human being. Keeping this fact in mind the college has made available all necessary resources possible. There is a large playground inside the college campus where the students play games like football, volleyball, cricket, etc. The college also possess an indoor gaming facility where students play carom, table tennis, etc. Due to demand and curiosity of the students the college organizes Annual Games Competition every year. In this competition students participate in various games and win attractive prizes.

6) Culture Every year the students of this college organize the Annual Cultural Concert. This Annual Concert is the result of very active co-operation between the students, professors, teachers & non-teaching staffs. This Cultural Event highlights the healthy cultural development among the students. They get all sorts of facilities with the help of their teachers & also the non-teaching staffs. The college keeps a strict vigilance so that, this healthy development among the students is not affected by any factors.

7) College Magazine The college magazine is a medium which highlights the success of the college and also provides a glimpse of the cultural as well as the mental development of the students to the outside world. The name of the college magazine of this college is "Dhuligandha". This magazine though published in-consistently bears the proud image of the college. It is entirely composed and edited by the students and the teaching staffs. At the completion of the Fifth year of this college a Souvenir was published.