Life & Works of Sri Bijoy Krishna Modak

Birth :27th June 1906.
Father’s Name : Binoy Krishna Modak ( Engineer of the Hooghly District Board & President of Hooghly District Congress Committee. )
Mother’s Name : Santoshibala Debi.
Residence : Imam Bazar, Hooghly. Student of Hooghly Normal School. ( Present Name – Hooghly Branch School ).
1921 : He left school on being welcomed by Gandhiji’s Non – Co-operation Movement. He was the then student of Hooghly Bidhyamandir School. ( Hooghly Vidhyamandir School erstwhile Nationalism School was founded by Freedom Fighter Bhupati Majumdar. )
Classmates : Anuj HridoyKrishna Modak, Hamidul Hak, Sirajul Hak & Others.
Teacher’s : Professor Jyotishchandra Ghosh, Prafulla Chandra Sen and Others. Poet Nazrul Islam, Martyr Gopinath Saha were also attached with this School. In this School Ideas of Gandhiji’s Non-Violent Revolutionary Movement & Armed Revolutionary Movement peacefully co-existed with each other.
1922 : Succeeded in clearing the Entrance Examination from Gourio Vidyaoton and got involved in Flood Relief Operations in Arambagh.
1923 : Got admitted in Engineering at Jadavpur University.
1925 : Enrolled himself as an worker of Jugantar Party. Also got arrested in a case of Bomb explosion at Dakshineshwar.
1927 : Passed out Electrical Engineering from Jadavpur University with Excellent Merit. He also came in contact with the Freedom Fighters of Haripal Kalyan Sangha.
1928 : Became a Full-Time Party Member of the Indian National Congress. Always helped the Victims of flood hit Arambagh. He also organized the movement of the farmers.
1931 : Joined the Indian Politarian Revolutionary Party. His co-workers of the Party were Kalicharan Das, Panchugopal Bhaduri, Fonindranath Bondopadhay, Binoy Chowdhury, Nirapad Mukherjee and others.
1931 : Became a co-worker of Atullo Ghosh, Prafulla Sen and others. Jailed for 7 year in Rajasthan Dauli Jail after found guilty of murdering Wartson ( Editor of Statesman ).
1938-39 : Got released from Rajasthan’s Dauli Jail ( after completing a long sentence of 7 years of rigorous imprisonment ). Joined the Communist Party and got self-involved in forming Farmer’s Associations in the flood hit villages of Balagar, Boga, New Boga, Srikanth and many Others.
1941 : Got arrested in participating in the Freedom Movement of India.
1942-46 : Got self-involved in the relief operations in Arambagh.
1943 : Got involved in providing all available assistance to peoples in famine hit areas of Arambagh.
1946 : Formed with the assistance of Kajol Guha a fisherman community at Balagarh.
1948 : Got arrested but released afterwards. Commandeered the Farmers Revolt in Barakamlapur
1952 : Nominated as the Candidate of Communist Party to contest for the Loksabha Constituency Seat of Hooghly.
1953 : Organised and directed the Revolt of the Homeless in Balagarh.
1956 : Elected as the Hooghly District Committee Chairperson of the erstwhile Undivided Communist Party and also became the chief of Hooghly District Farmers’ Association.
1956-64 : Stayed as the Elected Chairperson of the Hooghly District Committee of the Communist Party of India.
1964-94 : Communist Party of India got divided. He became the Hooghly District committee Chairperson of the newly formed Communist Party of India ( Marxist ) or CPI ( M ) till his death.
1957 : Contested and got elected as a CPI ( M ) candidate to The West Bengal State Legislative Assembly from the Balagarh State Legislative Seat.
1959 : Commandeered the Food Movement and accepted arrest.
1962-66 : Most of the time stayed imprisoned under India Protection Act.
1964-94 : Became the Communist Party of India ( Marxist ) or CPI ( M ) State Committee Member.
1967,1971,1977 : Got elected to the Loksabha from the Hooghly Loksabha Constituency Seat.
1980 : Got elected to the Loksabha from the Arambagh Loksabha Constituency Seat.
1994 : On 9th May this Great Person of India Passed away leaving a Legacy of Achievements and Works behind him.


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