Multilevel Marketing Software or MLM Software

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they generate, but also for the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit. This recruited sales force is referred to as the participant's "downline", and can provide multiple levels of compensation.

A strategy that some direct sales companies use to encourage their existing distributors to recruit new distributors by paying the existing distributors a percentage of their recruits' sales. The recruits are known as a distributor's "downline." All distributors also make money through direct sales of products to customers. Amway is an example of a well-known direct-sales company that uses multi-level marketing.

Binary MLM Software - Module 1

Member Dashboard:

List of modules: Dashboard, My profile, Bonus Statement - Direct Sponsor Bonus, Pairing Bonus, Wallet - Cash Point, Entertainment Point, Register Point, Daily ROI Statement, Member Joining - New member joining, Member join statement, Transfer - Cash Point Transfer, Entertainment Point Transfer, Register Point Transfer, Withdrawal - New withdrawal request, Withdrawal history, Genealogy - Grid view, Normal View, Tree structure view.

Administrator Dashboard:

List of modules: Dashboard, Home, Change Password, Settings - New Package create, View Package list, Payout settings - Cash point, Entertainment Point, Register Point, Withdrawal Settings, ROI Settings - New ROI Settings, View ROI Settings, Member - Registered Member List, Commission Statement - Direct Sponsor Bonus List, Pairing Bonus List, Daily ROI - Daily ROI Generated Statement, Withdrawal - Pending withdrawal list, Approved withdrawal list, Deposit Point - Cash Point, Entertainment Point, Register Point, Report - Member Count, Group Sales, Waiting Balance, Transfer Statement - Cash point, Entertainment point, Register point, Genealogy - Normal view, Grid view, Tree Structure.

Binary MLM Software - Module 2


1) Home -> Dashboard, Change Password, Logout. 2) Sub Admin -> Create Sub Admin, View Sub Admin. 3) Member -> View Member, Search Member, Active/Inactive Facilities, Edit Member. 4) Member Report -> Search Member Report Individual. 5) Package -> Create Package, View Package, Package Name, Amount, Validate of each package. 6) Leverage -> Create Leverage, View Leverage, Package, Leverage, Cost, Percentage, Cost. 7) Bonus Settings -> Package, Direct Sponsor, Pairing Bonus, Generation Bonus, Generation. 8) Settings -> Yearly Rate, Profit/Share Percentage, Withdraw Percentage. 9) Return On Investment -> Return on investment report of each member. Search option by Member ID. 10) Direct Sponsor -> Administrator can see all Direct Sponsor Commission statement of each member. 11) Pairing Commission -> Pairing Commission or Group Awards statement can see by administrator. Search option by Member ID. 12) Cash Point -> Admin can send Cash Point to each member, View Cash Point statement of each member. 13) Profit Point -> Admin can send Profit Point to each member, View Profit Point statement of each member. 14) Share Point -> Admin can send Share Point to each member, View Share Point statement of each member. 15) Withdrawal -> Admin can see all members withdrawal request. Admin can approve and reject the withdrawal request. 16) Statement -> Admin can check new member joining statement by sponsor member. 17) Genealogy -> Admin can see all member and their downline member in Tree Structure.


1) Member Dashboard -> Available Cash Point, Available Profit Point, Available Share Point, Total Withdrawal. 2) My Profile -> Edit Profile, Change Password & Change Security Password. 3) Point Management -> Cash Point Transfer, Cash Point Statement, Profit Point Transfer, Proft Point Statement, Stock Point Transfer, Stock Point Statment. 4) Award Management -> Award Mangement Summary, Monthly Award, Referral Awad, Group Award, Stock Award, International Bonus Award. 5) Withdrawal -> New withdrawal, Withdrawal History. 6) Referral Statement -> Member can see their direct downline member and sponsor members details. 7) Placement Relationship -> Under placement relationship member can see their sponsor meber list and genealogy structure graphically. Sponsor member can join their downline members under anyone from his downline, choose left and right position also.
Language: Our Multilevel Markeitng Software supported all country language.
Member Panel


Administrator Panel

Investment MLM Software / Trading MLM Software


1)DASHBOARD - Trading Platform Graph, Silver Point ROI Graph, Direct Member Joining by Today, Direct Member Joining by Month. 2)MY PROFILE - Edit profile & charge password. 3)DIRECT SPONSOR - List of members that joined by direct referral. 4)RETURN ON INVESTMENT - Statement of Return on investment by daily. 5)LEVEL BONUS - Level bonus statement of Gold Point, Gold Reinvestment Point by daily. 6)DIRECT BONUS - Statement of Direct Commission of member. 7)SILVER POINT- Statement of Silver Point earning/commission. 8)SILVER REINVESTMENT POINT - Statement of Silver Point earning/commission. 9)GOLD POINT - Gold Point statement of each day. 11)GR ACCOUNT - List of Gold Reinvestment Account. 12)SR ACCOUNT - List of Silver Reinvestment Account. 13)DIAMOND POINT CONVERTER - Conversion report of Diamond Point. 14)TRANSFER - SP Transfer, GP Transfer, DP Transfer. 15)TRADING PLATFORM - Buy Silver Point & Sale Silver Point. 16)NEW MEMBER SIGNUP - New member joining statement by Diamond Point. 17)SIGNUP STATEMENT - List of member that joined by your Diamond Point. 18)GENEALOGY - Normal View, Tree Structure.


1) DASHBOARD - Total Members, Total Silver Point, Total Silver Reinvestment Point, Total Gold Point, Total Gold Reinvestment Point, Total Diamond Point. 2)CHANGE PASSWORD - Change Administrator panel password. 3)SETTINGS - Sponsor Commission, Create & view level bonus, Create & view ROI commission, Withdrawal Fees. 4)MEMBER - Member list, Member commission, Member bank account details. 5)MEMBER'S LOG - Administrator can see all transaction of each member. 6)DEPOSIT TO MEMBER - Diamond point to member, Silver point to member, Gold point to member, Silver reinvestment point to member, Gold reinvestment to member. 7)ROI - Return on investment statement of all member. 8)LEVEL STATEMENT - Level bonus commission of all member. 9)SPONSOR STATEMENT - Direct sponsor commission of all member. 10)MEMBER JOINING - New member joining page. 11)TRADING PLATFORM - List of mathcing trading, List of Dispute statement, List of suspended accounts. 12)GENEALOGY - Normal view of all members downline structure.